The money is great!

You should not look at gross salary but rather what your disposable income is.

On an international cruise line you will be paid in a major currency (usually USD).  Incomes range from about USD800 to USD3,500 for the positions we normally fill.  The amount depends upon the position.  Many people get paid TIPS with a minimum guaranteed amount. This does not mean they will get the minimum as most people will always get more than the minimum but gives them the ability to know what the minimum will be so they can budget.

Many people worry about their gross salary.  This is stupid (in our view).  If you are paid SGD2,000 in Singapore you probably will not be able to save the same amount in 1 year as a working on USD800 on a cruise line!  This is because on a cruise line you get your food, accommodation and medial fully paid for.  You don't even have to clean your uniform!  So even on USD800 you should be able to save USD7,000 in one year working on a ship.  This allows for trips ashore, some drinks at the crew lounge and your general personal needs!

No he did not steal it :-) and this is normal.  Good money plus no expenses equals more savings!

One of our dealers saved this in his first 2 months!

Travel the World

There are very few other jobs where you can really see the world while being paid for doing your job!

Amy in Liverpool in the UK

Amy seeing England

Arif Widi at Princess Cays, Bahamas

Arif Widi in Bahamas

Aung Oo seeing Melbourne, Australia

Aung Oo in Australia

Linda visiting St John's, Capital of Antigua and Barbuda

Linda in Antigua and Barbuda

Natthaphon seeing Canada

Natthaphon seeing Canada

Drink some coconut juice like Nyein did at Pantai Chenang Beach Langkawi, Malaysia

Nyein in Malaysia

Sai Myint visiting Taipaili, Taiwan

Sai Myint in Taiwan

Relax like Saw Taw did when you visit Hobbiton in New Zealand

Saw Taw in New Zealand

Sharon Kim at Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Sharon Kim seeing Guatemala

Susan visiting Japan

Susan visiting Japan

If you want to travel the world then working on an international cruise line is for you!  It is one of the few jobs where you can literally see hundreds of countries in a career and be paid do to it!  There are very few countries that do not get visited by international cruise ships in the course of a year.  Some are seasonal and the best thing about that - you will be visiting at the best time of year!

The other great thing is you don't have to pack your bags!  You don't have to line up at airports.  You don't have to sleep in a strange bed!  You just get off the ship and go on an adventure.  Chances are some of your crew mates will have been to the port before so they will know their way about.  It does not cost you very much to visit these places; after all ports are often reasonably close to the major tourist areas or they have reasonable cost transport.  In just one year at sea many of our candidates have seen more of the world than most of their peer will see in the whole of their lifetime!

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