The Migration Process

An understanding about Skilled Migration

How much do I need to migrate in total?

The answer to this is very complex however in total (everything); if you are a single person who has all of the basic requirements to migrate to Australia:

  • You should budget between 15,000 and 20,000 USD for Permanent Residency.
  • You should budget between 10,000 and 15,000 USD for 4 years Temporary Work that can lead to Permanent Residency.  Your subsequent visas will also require a significant budget! 

How long does it take?

This depends on how visa ready you are! After you are visa ready that the biggest factor with regard to processing time is the Australian Government.  Once you are visa ready a rough estimate:

·       Between 1 and 3 months but it can take more than 12 months in some circumstances. 

What do I have to do first?

You need to become Visa Ready before you can do anything.  By becoming Visa Ready you will have information, qualifications and recognition that is needed to apply for a visa.  Our Migration Agent can then tell you what pathways are open to you, advise you on the best pathway, give you an accurate budget and time frame for processing.  Being Visa

Ready means:

  • Your trade or profession is recognised,
  • Your English level is sufficient (at least an IELT 5.0 overall with nothing less than 4.5) and
  • You have all the appropriate evidence to support your application.

But BEFORE we will accept you as a client you must undertake a FREE assessment!  We will NOT process anyone who has not been thoroughly assessed by our team to ensure that there should be a pathway available to them and there is an excellent chance of success!

How much does it cost to become Visa Ready?

Included in the above budget.  To become Visa Ready will vary depending upon the circumstance (mostly skill or professional recognition) but a budget of USD 5,400 in total is reasonable.  This is made up as follows:

  • Our fee is USD 3,500
  • Trade or Professional Recognition between 0 and 5,000+ but normally USD 1,500
  • English Practice and Assessment (if required) will normally cost USD 300
  • Translation of non-English documents normally about USD 100

Please note: We charge a Fee for Service only.  You do not pay us a months salary upon success, you do not pay us a percentage of your income after you get to Australia and we do not get anything at all from your employer.

Is a Visa Guaranteed?

Absolutely NOT!  It is illegal, fraudulent, misleading and unprofessional for anyone to guarantee a visa.  Any person promoting such a thing, particularly an Australia visa, should be avoided completely! 

Speedy Global will look after you from the beginning till the time you arrive in Australia

2013 Pathma, from Malaysia, met on arrival in Australia by Kerri Kempin

We like to keep in contact with the people we help migrate to Australia to make sure they are doing well.

2014 Pathma at his new Australian workplace visited by Martin O'Dee

Stepped Process

There are several steps to our process

There are many different visas (see chart below) that you could use to skills migrate to Australia. Some of them are permanent residency and others are temporary. Temporary visas can often lead to permanent residency. After permanent residency your next step is citizenship if that is what your long term goal is.

Step One: No Obligation and Free Initial Review

If you are seriously thinking of migrating to Australia then please fill in our Initial Review Form and send it to us with the latest copy of your CV (resume). We will evaluate the information you give us and we will then give you a clear indication of the pathways that are open to you. We do not need any copies of your certificates, passports or anything else at this stage! We rely completely on the information you give us.

Formal Reply

After we have evaluated your Initial Review Form we will give you a formal reply. In that reply we will give you our suggestion for the best path for you to take at this point in time. We will also provide a more accurate budget for you.

Payment of $3,500

If you are happy to proceed then you need to sign the acknowledgement and pay our fee. We can then start working to getting you to Australia!

Step Two: Become Visa Ready

We will assist you to gather all the required information and supporting documents. We will help you through skills or professional recognition and to get the required English competency. We will help prepare for all applications and assessments.  We will also prepare a professional CV for you (like the ones pictured here).  Both are Speedy Global successes and already have employers in Australia!

Step Three: Apply for a Visa

Once you are visa ready our Migration Agent will give you a final budget for processing your visa. This will include all professional work and the cost of the visa itself.

Step Four: Approval Granted - Move to Australia

Once your visa is approved we will assist you with information and general support to move to Australia. We will help you with your travel arrangements, accommodation needs and provide an emergency support system up until you have successfully moved to Australia.

Jobs in Australia

In some cases you will need an employer to sponsor you and we will help with that. In other cases you do not need an employer but if you still want us to help you find a job in Australia (either before or after you arrive) then we will do that at ABSOLUTELY NO COST to you.

Anton from the Philippines

Speedy Filipino CV


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a migrant worker get paid the same as an Australian?

YES! You will get exactly the same income, or more, as an Australian doing the same job!  There is absolutely no difference in regard to income or conditions for a migrant compared to an Australian doing the same job.  This includes superannuation which is also paid by the employer for the candidate.

What is the income?

That is a very hard question because it depends a lot on the work (remember you must be paid the same as an Australian doing the same job).  Most positions pay at least mid-40,000 AUD per year.  The mean income in Australia is approximately 48,000 AUD per year.  In the case of a subclass 457 the minimum is 53,900 AUD per year.  Incomes of 70 to 110,000 AUD are not at all unusual.  Of course they will get superannuation on top of that, currently an additional 9%.

Does the employee pay Australian Tax?

Yes, absolutely.  The terms and conditions are exactly the same as those of any Australian worker!  So they must pay tax.  Tax rates depend on a number of factors and a professional tax consultant is recommended to advise on the amount.

What does a migrate have to pay for in Australia?

Migrants are treated like any other Australian workers.  They are responsible therefore for their own accommodation, transport costs and living expenses.  Speedy Global will help the our clients with finding initial accommodation and work for when they first arrive if required.  But basically the candidate has the freedom to live as he or she  sees fit.

Can you help with a job?

Definitely! Speedy Global has strategic partnerships to assist with getting migrants employment.  There is absolutely no cost to this service to the migrant.  We can assist with either finding an employer to be a sponsor or nominator (after you are visa ready) or, if you are migrating independently, then we can help you get a job after you have your visa.

Do you use a Registered Migration Agent?

Definitely! You should never deal with a company to assist you to migrate unless they have a registered migration agent!

Kelly is the owner and senior migration agent at Australian Migration Advice and she works exclusively with all Speedy Global migrants.

Kelly Roberts - Migration Agent

Ralph is the owner of In-Work International and is the Speedy Global principle job placement partner.

Ralph Hunter - Employment Professional

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