Private Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services

Speedy Global is Registered

Private seafarer recruitment and placement services that currently provide seafarers to Australian vessels or are based in Australia and provide seafarers to foreign flagged vessels must register their organisation with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) before they start providing those services.
Once registered with AMSA, the names of successful applicants will be published in the AMSA Australian Register of Private Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services and will serve as evidence that the company has been accepted by AMSA as meeting the requirements of the MLC, 2006 and Marine Order 11. Registered companies may be subject to audit and inspection. 

Being listed on the AMSA website is proof of registration

MLC Compliant

Standard Service Offering for Cruise Line Manning

A full understanding of Speedy Global Services

The attached document is the current Speedy Global "Standard Service Offering for Cruise Line Manning".  In line with MLC requirements and our own Codes of Conduct no candidate using the services of Speedy Global, or any of is sister or partner companies, will be charged for the normal processes involved with the acquisition, assessment, deployment or re-deployment of seafarers for a client cruise company (a “Principal”).

Understanding for Candidate

Speedy Global and all of its sister or partner companies comply with the following:

  • The ONLY fees and charges that are permitted are in this document and as agreed, in writing, with our Principals from time to time.
  • All money paid to Speedy Global or any of it sister or partner companies for any and all services will be receipted with an official written company receipt.
  • No person working with or for Speedy Global can offer or guarantee of a job under any circumstances or for any reason.
  • All job offers are made through Speedy Global by the Principal and are completely at the sole discretion of the Principal.  Speedy Global cannot affect the outcome of interviews or the hiring process.
  • A Speedy Global Approved Training Program will assist you to be better prepared for an interview and for a job on a cruise ship however it will not guarantee you a job.
  • No person or entity associated with Speedy Global can charge a job success fee under any circumstance or for any reason.
  • All interviews with all Principals are FREE and no deposits are to be paid to anyone.

For the full document please download it:

An image of the first page of the Speedy Global Standard Service Offering for Cruise Line Manning document.

Speedy Global Services Document Image

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

The Speedy Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy which all Speedy Global companies subscribe to.

Speedy Global has many policies and procedures that govern it's operation.  Possibly the most important one is the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy.  For that reason we have included it on this site.  Should any person feel that any of our companies have breached this policy they are urged to contact our head office immediately.  The best method is to use the "Contact Us" form on this website.

Please feel free to download our latest Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy policy:

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy Image of the First Page

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy Image

Complaints Policy

We take problems seriously and will make every effort to resolve them.

The recruitment and selection process aims to have processes that are fair, transparent and free from discrimination. We publish our standards and requirements on this web site and aim to comply with all appropriate external standards.

Final decisions will be made in accordance with relevant client policies, employment legislation and statutory procedures.

We recognize that sometimes errors or failings can occur in process or procedure or in the way decisions are made. If you believe this has happened to you, you can use our complaints procedure. This complaints procedure provides a mechanism through which complaints can be investigated, responded to and where necessary provided with a remedy.
Your privacy and confidentiality will be respected and balanced with the need for an open and fair investigation. The outcome of the investigation will be reported appropriately and where necessary acted upon to improve processes and our quality of service. Your complaint will need to be shared with others who have been involved with the recruitment process in order to ensure a thorough investigation is carried out.

Please download the policy for the full information and procedure.

An image of the first page of the Speedy Global Complaints Policy V2.0 March 2017

Speedy Global Complaints Policy Image

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