Ensure the Hiring Partner is Registered and Real

Do not deal with sub-agents!

Check with the Cruise Line

The first, and probably the most important step, is only ever go to Hiring Partners that are formally recognized by the cruise line company that you want to work for!  Never take someone's "word" for it.  Most larger companies, like Carnival Corporation Global Casino Operations, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and The Onboard Spa by Steiner, publish a list of all the Hiring Partners that they recognize on their websites.  If the company does not publish the names of Hiring Partners online and you are not certain then write to the company directly to confirm!

Hiring Partners are Direct

Hiring Partners work directly with the cruise lines they represent.  They do not work through other third parties!  No reputable Hiring Partner uses sub-agents.  Why would they have to?  So just go straight to the correct Hiring Partner for the cruise line companies you want to work for.

Speedy Global

Currently, Speedy Global is an approved Hiring Partner for:

  • Carnival Corporation Global Casino Operations in Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam countries. We hire for Casino Department.
  • The Onboard Spa by Steiner in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam countries. We hire for Spa and Salon Department.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. in Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam countries. We hire for Hotel Department and ALL Brands within Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. including Azamara, Celebrity, Croisieres de France, Pullmantur, Skyseas, Royal Caribbean International and TUI Cruises.

Social Media Pages

All real Hiring Partners are sending people to the sea all the time.  Not all of the people they send will link to their social media pages but a lot will do.  So check that the Hiring Partner has multiple people that are linked to their social media pages and support the claims they are making.  Don't just look at nice photos of the ships or brands and think the company is real.  Look for comments and photos from people who are working on the ships and testify to the fact that the company is real and can deploy you.

Also look for activity with the Cruise Line Company itself.  All Hiring Partners work for their Cruise Line Principals.  They do not work alone.  So their should be evidence on their social media pages of presentations and interviews that have been conducted through them but by the Cruise Line Representative.  So check it, check the name of the person they say works for the cruise company and if you are ever in doubt write to the cruise line company and ask if that person truly is their employee.

Speed Global has lots of social medical sites. Some are in local languages like our local Facebook sites:

  • @speedy.global.malaysia
  • @speedy.global.mongolia
  • @speedy.global.myanmar
  • @speedy.global.korea
  • @speedy.global.thailand
  • @speedy.global.vietnam

We have several main social media sites (in English) that our global operations run:

  • Website: speedy.global
  • Facebook: @martinspeedy
  • Facebook Page: @speedy.global.int
  • Facebook Page: @casinoatsea
  • Twitter: @SpeedyGlobal
  • Instagram: speedyglobal
  • Youtube: Speedy.Global

Remember that a reputable company does not have to 'hide'.  They should not just have one Facebook site making a lot of claims with no support.  They should have a website, physical addresses that you can find easily, offices, email addresses in their company name (not Gmail or Yahoo mail) and most importantly you should be able to contact them several different ways - not just via email.

Global Casino Operations has Speedy Global listed on their website.

Carnival Corporation Global Casino Operations Hiring Partner Site

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. has Speedy Global listed on their website.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Hiring Partner Site

Some of the reviews that have been made on the Speedy Global Facebook page by people we have helped.

Speedy Global Facebook Review Page

Steiner has Speedy Global listed on their website.

The Onboard Spa by Steiner Hiring Partner Site

Do Not Pay Anything for Advice, Registration, Application or Interview!

It is against the MLC!

All Hiring Partners for large international cruise line companies must be Maritime Labour Convention compliant.  This means they can NOT charge for:

  • Giving advice about joining a cruise line,
  • Registering your interest to join a cruise line,
  • Applying for a cruise line job or
  • Taking an interview with the cruise line company.

There are fees and charges AFTER you get a job offer from the cruise line.  They vary depending upon the company that gives you the offer but may include:

  • Medical Checkup(s),
  • Criminal Background Check,
  • Visa(s),
  • Seaman Book and STCW Certificates and
  • Flights (to join the ship)

The Hiring Partner can also charge you to assist you with YOUR requirements but apart from tests required by the Principal, like Marlins English Tests, any charge must be OPTIONAL and you are never required to take the service unless you see the value in it and you want it.  Hiring Partners can NOT charge for:

  • Doing the requirements of the Principal for which they are responsible, or
  • Getting you a job.

They must always give you clear instructions on what is required of you to complete the process even if you don't pay for their help.  They should never force you into taking their services, doing training with them or taking the services, including training, from an associated company.  You should always pay the outlays directly and not to your Hiring Partner.  Everything you pay should be receipted and you should keep the receipts (some things are refunded when you get to a ship depending upon the cruise line company's policies).

We believe that reputable Hiring Partners should disclose their MLC compliance and their Services documents on their websites.  Please go to the MLC Compliant Manning Agent page of this website for more information.

Speedy Global is MLC Compliant as registered with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority

MLC Compliance Page

Our Services Document is fully available on our website.

Speedy Global Services Document


Only the cruise company hires you.

It is very important to remember that a Hiring Partner is NOT an employer!  They work on behalf of their Principals (the cruise line companies) only.  They help the cruise line companies:

  • Promote job vacancies,
  • Advise people how to apply for a job with their Principal,
  • Conduct initial presentations,
  • Screen candidates to ensure they meet the Principal's requirements,
  • Organize for the Principal to do a final interview, and
  • Assist the Principal to process you after you are given a job offer.

The Hiring Partner DOES NOT:

  • Take applications directly with their company (except for their own staff),
  • Do the final interview,
  • Accept the candidates for jobs or
  • Give the job offer.

So in short: only the cruise line company can offer you the job and the Hiring Partner has absolutely NO capacity to influence that.  The Hiring Partner should advise you what standard the Principal requires and ensure you meet that standard before you are put up for interview but they can never guarantee that you will be accepted.

Job Offers

All candidates who are accepted by the Principal will be given a job offer from the Principal.  This may be given to them by the Hiring Partner but it will be an offer from them, on their letter head and it will clearly state their details on the offer.  You should never be told you have a job offer - you should have the written proof!  If you are ever unsure then check directly with the cruise line company themselves: after you are their employee at that point.

Speedy Global candidates getting interviewed by Global Casino Operations manager on-board a Princess Cruise Ship (Princess is owned by Carnival Corporation).

Carnival Corp. Global Casino Operations is interviewing Speedy Global's candidates.

Lorena, recruiter from The Onboard Spa by Steiner, with Speedy Global candidates that Steiner interviewed, accepted and gave a job offer too.

Steiner representative, Lorena, with Speedy Global candiates.

Do not do Cruise Training, Courses or Cruise Line Requirements unless the Hiring Partner tells you!

Most of them are an absolute waste of money!

When you apply to a reputable Hiring Partner they will assess you free of charge.  If you are required by the Principal to do an English Test then you may have to pay for that test and it is usually best to do it with the Hiring Partner.  If they assess you and find you need more training in English or your Work Skills then they can recommend the programs that will help you.  You should never be obligated to take these courses with the Hiring Partner or with a company that is in partnership with the Hiring Partner!  While the Hiring Partners recommended courses are probably reasonable and targeted to the job they should always be optional.  Look around; maybe their is an English school that you would prefer to use for whatever reason.  The choice should always be yours, and yours alone, who you do your training with and remember nobody can guarantee you a job offer - nobody.

Do NOT do:

  • A "general cruise industry course" - cruise lines ONLY hire people with specific skills and experience!
  • Any of the requirements like Medicals and Seaman Books until AFTER you have a job offer!

Doing medicals, seaman books and other things prior to getting a job offer will not help you get a job offer - ever!  In fact, most of the time, you will have done it for nothing and wasted your money.  Medicals, for example, are often specific to the brand you are going to work on.  So if you do them before the job offer then you will probably have to do them again!  Seaman Book requirements vary between companies and brands!  So don't do thousands of dollars in Seaman course before you get a Job Offer - you probably will not need them and most of the course will be done again when you get to your ship!  So please ... save your money and talk to a reputable Hiring Partner.

Speedy Global conducts free information sessions to students at reputable training establishments.

Speedy Global does regular FREE information sessions

Major Requirements for Cruise Line Jobs

A checklist!


Most of the international cruise ships have English as their common language.  Some have other languages like German, Italian, Spanish and Mandarin.  So you should check what is the common language and ensure you have at least an Intermediate level of it before going to the Hiring Partner to apply for a position.  Speedy Global generally only supplies companies where English is the common language.  The level of English you need depends on your job. If you don't deal with customers much or don’t work at front of house, like working in the laundry or galley, then you need less English proficiency than if you are working as a Waiter or Housekeeper, who are required to communicate and entertain the customers regularly.  The minimum level needed is enough to be able to carry out your job successfully and achieve all safety and training requirements on the ship.


Most jobs, though not all, on a ship require experience and qualifications!  The experience and qualifications you need does vary depending upon the job and the level.  For example, a Utility Cleaner in the Galley or a Hotel Cleaner in the Housekeeping will need less experience (say 03 to 06 months minimum) than a person applying for a Chief de Partie or a Stateroom Steward.  But remember that there are no generalists on a ship!  With very few exceptions, you will need experience and qualifications in the job you are applying for and preferably in a reasonable establishment: like a four or five star hotel.  If you are not sure then contact a reputable hiring partner who will provide you with the Job Description for the position you desires to apply with the cruise line!


- You must be at least 18 international years old and for many jobs (especially those working with Alcohol or in Casinos), you must be from 21 international years old.

- There is NO maximum age so long as you are medically fit enough to achieve the job and complete other tasks onboard e.g. drills, training, etc.

Medically Fit for Duty

- You must physically fit.  You will be required to do a general medical examination with approved doctors/ facilities that are allowed to conduct that kind of medical checkup per the cruise line’s requirement regardless of which company you are working for.

- If you have any major issues with your health that can cause you are unlikely to pass the medical and you are not sure, contact a reputable Hiring Partner who can give you some clues of who to contact and how to contact for an advice.  You need to be able to lift and drag 20 kg of dead weight.

Tattoos and Piercing

- You can have tattoos but they CAN NOT be visible when you are wearing any ship uniform.  So generally if they are on your hands or face then that would make it impossible for you to get a job with most companies.  Mostly, tattoos on the lower arms and legs are also a problem but it does depend on the uniform and the company that you are applying for so if that is the case then it is worth asking your Hiring Partner.

- Any visible piercing/s (except one set of earrings for females) are to be removed.

Work Every Day

- Of course you will have time to see a lot of wonderful places that the ship visits.  However almost everyone on a ship must be well prepared themselves to:

  • work every day,
  • work 10 to 12 hours a day, and
  • work for 6 to 9 month at a time.

- This is not as "bad" as it may appear at first read. But it is a major consideration.  Most reputable Hiring Partners provide free information sessions that completely explain what the conditions are like and what you should expect to work onboard.


- When you work on an international cruise, you will be working with up to 80 or 90 different nationalities.  Most people will come from a different religion and ethnic background to yours.  They will have different beliefs and culture understanding also.  While you do not have to adopt anyone's beliefs, you do have to always be respectful of theirs as they must be respectful of yours.

- You will normally be sharing a small cabin with one other person and that person, while being the same gender as you, will most like be from a different country.  So you must be prepared to work, recreate and live with others and respect them regardless of their race, color or creed. So if you are a person who is empathetic to others, enjoys meeting and making friends with people from all over the world then cruise lines are definitely a good place for you.

Good Moral Compass

Large international cruise ship can have up to 4,000 crew and over 5,000 passengers!  So there are many sensible rules that are in place to ensure that everyone can work and play together.  For example: fighting, bullying, sexist or racist comments, drinking alcohol to excess and other any social things that people with a poor moral compass might do are simply not tolerated.  In fact most are grounds for instant dismissal.  So if you have a good moral compass and you want to work in a safe and respectful environment then cruise ships are a good work place.

Fun, Travel and Money

Ultimately, working on a cruise ship can be a lot of fun. It is hard work for sure!  But few seafarers will ever forget their time at sea and most of them look back on it with absolute fondness!  While working on an international cruise ship, you will travel the world!  You will see more than most "normal" people will see in a lifetime.  Because food, accommodation and medical are all free on the ship, all the money you make is yours!

Arif has traveled quite a lot tourist attraction places since joining through Speedy Global.

Arif Widi in Bahamas

Cecilia has traveled all over Asia and the Pacific since joining through Speedy Global.

Cecilia in New Zealand

Henry has traveled quite a lot tourist attraction places since joining through Speedy Global.

Henry in Alaska

Linda has traveled quite a lot tourist attraction places since joining through Speedy Global.

Linda in Antigua and Barbuda

Tueyt has traveled quite a lot tourist attraction places in Europe since joining through Speedy Global.

Tueyt in Denmark

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All hiring partners are restricted to a geographic location and a job type.  Speedy Global hires people for Casino, Spa and Hotel operations from up to 11 countries.  You are welcome to write to us for more information.  Please note we can not help in countries where we are not a hiring partner.  Please fill in the feedback section with information about where you are from (your nationality), the job you would like to have on an international cruise ship and a short explanation of your working experience.

Thank you for your interest in our company's recruitment program and sending email to us for further information on your job inquiry!  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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