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Special Notes

Only specific countries covered:

We can only help you get a job if you're a citizen or permanent resident of one of the countries we support! We can not help you if you are not a citizen or permanent resident of one of the countries listed above so please don't write to us. We only have hiring rights in specific countries and if you are not a citizen or permanent resident of those countries then there is nothing we can do to help you: sorry.

No Fees:

Please note there are NO FEES for making an application, getting an interview or getting a job offer - ever!

Do NOT apply to multiple email addresses:

Please do not apply to multiple email addresses! It causes a lot of problems with our processing. Anyone "spamming" (sending emails to multiple addresses) will be cancelled and never considered for hiring. So please chose the right one for you and go for it.

Send to your local contact only:

If you want a job on an international cruise ship then please email one (only one!) of the below contact emails addresses.  It is the fastest and best way to get the process started.


Facebook: @speedy.global.indonesia

Indonesia Local Partners (all new hire in Indonesia)

Please contact one of our local Licensed Partners to get an interview through Speedy Global in Indonesia. All new hire and rejoining crew that want us to assist them must go through one of these licensed partners. The partners do all the initial screening and will answer all of your questions. Speedy Global is the only company who will do the final screening! It is the only one who will interview you and it is the only one who can process you with the cruise lines we represent. Speedy Global is the hiring partner not our licensed partners but we rely on our licensed partners to assist people on the ground - so please trust them as we do!

Alia Tri Power (multiple locations covering all of Indonesia) alia@speedy.global +62 85 215 123 212
Bali Duta Mandiri (Bali) bdm@speedy.global +62 81 237 590 040
Bali Manpower Solutions (Bali, Lombok) bms@speedy.global +62 81 339 251 024
Dewata Marine : Demarin (Bali, Jogja, Malang) demarin@speedy.global +62 81 338 989 425
Quantum Overseas Jobs (multiple locations covering all of Indonesia quantumjob@speedy.global +62 82 221 272 272

Indonesia Local Office (administration only)

Speedy Global Indonesia has its own administration office in Indonesia that is there to assist our crew members (once you get a job offer) with their processing requirements and ensure the rapid and smooth deployment of crew. You can not apply for an interview through our office! Please contact a local partner above. However if you require more information then you are welcome to contact the office.

Speedy Global Indonesia indonesia.info@speedy.global +62 81 936 182 385


Facebook: @speedy.global.malaysia

Malaysia Local Licensed Partner (all new hire enquiries)

Xi3 Careers xi3@speedy.global +60 115 141 0511


Facebook: @speedy.global.mongolia

Mongolia Local Licensed Partner (all new hire enquiries)

Lobid LLC lobid@speedy.global +97 688 186 351


Facebook: @speedy.global.myanmar

Myanmar Local Licensed Partner (all new hire enquiries)

Success Links success.links@speedy.global +95 9 954 5666 307


Facebook: @speedy.global.int

Head Office (administration only)

Speedy Global info@speedy.global +65 68 160 495

Singapore Local Licensed Partner (all new hire enquiries)

Xi3 Careers xi3@speedy.global +65 934 148 667

South Korea

Facebook: @speedy.global.korea

Speedy Global Korea korea.info@speedy.global +82 10 4710 4282


Facebook: @speedy.global.thailand

Speedy Global Thailand thailand.info@speedy.global +66 815 679 919


Facebook: @speedy.global.vietnam

Vietnam Local Licensed Partner (all new hire enquiries)

SaigonTourist : Overseas Placement Office saigontourist@speedy.global +84 28 38 110 439

Vietnam Local Office (administration only)

Speedy Global Vietnam vietnam.info@speedy.global no phone number

All other countries we cover

All other countries listed above should use the feedback form below.

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